Mapping Applications

US Census 2010: Apportionment Data Interactive Map

US Census 2010: Apportionment Data -- The Census Bureau's interactive map widget enables users to view 10 decades of apportionment history, current apportionment totals and our country's changing population through the past century. Apportionment is the process of dividing the 435 seats in the House of Representatives among the 50 states. Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are not included.

Snapshot of Atlanta, Georgia

The Snapshot of Atlanta resource is now available in the Analyze Data section of the EDC website.

New York Public Library Map Rectifier

The NYPL Map Rectifier is a tool for digitally aligning ("rectifying") historical maps from the NYPL's collections to match today's precise maps. Visitors can browse already rectified maps or assist the NYPL by aligning a map. Play the video above to tour the site and learn how to rectify a map yourself.

Tools and Other Sources

Batch GeocodeMaps multiple locations from tab delimeted or bar delimited format
Bio MappingA community mapping project
Center for Spatially Integrated Social ScienceTobler's Flow Mapper, download available

Training and Resources

For in-depth information and resources including self-paced training that centers on mapping and geospatial technologies you can sign up to participate in the Blackboard course Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). You will find in the course instructions on how to obtain course codes for the ESRI Virtual Campus courses. This course never expires. Directions on how to get there:

Workshop on Google Earth & Google Maps

Google Earth and Google Maps This workshop provides an introduction to the different types of virtual globes and online map applications that are available and explores how they can be used in research and instruction.

GeoPDF Demonstration

Event: GeoPDF Demonstration with Adam Estrada and Jesse Hardin of TerraGo Technologies. This Friday, the workshop “Working with Digital Topographic Maps” will be rescheduled to accommodate a demonstration of GeoPDF technology by Adam Estrada and Jesse Hardin of TerraGo Technologies. GeoPDF enables users to view, manipulate and update maps and images within an Adobe Reader environment. Users can measure length and area, change coordinate displays, search for attributes and view layers.
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