Panel Study of American Religion and Ethnicity

"Panel Study of American Religion and Ethnicity (PS-ARE) is an unprecedented panel study focused on religion in the U.S., with a particular focus on capturing ethnic and racial diversity. The PS-ARE seeks to understand the impact of religion in everyday life, and ultimately the connections between religious change and other forms of change in individuals and families over the course of their lives and across generations.

Public Opinion in Arab Countries

Scholars of the Middle East and/or public opinion in authoritarian contexts may fine the following data collections of interest:

First Detailed US National Map of Land-Cover Vegetation Released


The USGS released the most detailed national vegetation land-cover map with the aim to enable conservation professionals to identify places in the country with sufficient habitat to support wildlife. The data is available via an online viewer or downloadable based on region as an ESRI GRID or a ERDAS IMAGE. Each file is approximately 600MB.

2008 Exit Poll Data Now Available from the Roper Center

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research ( has added microdata for the exit polls from the 2008 presidential election. Data for a national exit poll and for exit polls from 48 individual states are available. See the following for more information:

World Bank Data Now Available for Free

The World Bank has announced that the contents of its subscription-only databases such as the World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance will now be available on-line for free. See for more information:

New On-line Subscriptions to IMF Databases

The library now has on-line subscriptions to the following IMF databases:

* Balance of Payments Statistics

* Direction of Trade Statistics

* Government Finance Statistics

These subscriptions are in addition to our International Financial Statistics on-line subscription. If you are familiar with the on-line interface to the IFS, the interfaces for these additional databases are very much the same in terms of layout and functionality.

ICPSR Site Visit

Representatives from the ICPSR will be on-site at Emory University on Friday, March 19, to demonstrate the ICPSR's Resource Center for Minority Data (  The demonstration will last from 10:00AM - 12:00PM and will take place in Room 215 in the Woodruff Library and will focus on accessing the contents of this collection and on the various on-line learning tools that are part of it.  Refreshments will be provided.

ICPSR adds NCAA Student-Athlete Experiences Data Archive

The ICPSR has unveiled the NCAA Student-Athlete Experiences Data Archive at This archive will be populated with data gathered by the NCAA for the purpose of evaluating the experiences and academic performance of NCAA athletes.

Uganda Survey of War-Affected Youth

Professor Chris Blattman at Yale is a participant in a project titled the Survey of War Affected Youth.  The project, which focuses on northern Uganda, studies the impact of conflict on youth and the impact of programs intended to encourage post-conflict recovery. See for more information.

Survey Data on Muslims and Islamic Countries - "Comparative Values Survey of Islamic Countries," available at the Association of Religion Data Archives. The data are an extract from the World Values Survey, focusing on 15 countries with majority-Muslim populations. ARDA data are available as SPSS portable (.por) files.

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