GPS Units


  • Each Garmin model GPSmap 60CSx is accompanied by 1 case. Batteries not included.
  • Mini USB cords are also available for separate checkout.
  • GPS units can be checked out and returned at the Music and Media Library Circulation Desk.
  • Emory faculty, students, and staff can borrow GPS units for 14 days.
  • Patrons are fully responsible for the unit(s) and accessories during the checkout period.


The EDC provides technical support for GPS units that are available for checkout at the Music & Media Library located within the Robert W. Woodruf Library. 

Getting Started:

  • Units operate on 2 AA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries (not provided). Do NOT use lithium batteries as they may damage the device. 
  • Units are NOT waterproof.
  • The configuration and calibrartion (compass, altimeter, time zone, units of measure, and datum) of these units were originally set for use in Eastern time zone of the United States. To acheive accurate and useful capture of data, users should consult the manual to confirm that the device is set according their geographic area, time zone, and data collection requirements. 

Information on Garmin GPS:


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Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx Owner's Manual


Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx Quick Reference Guide