Online Data Services

This page contains links to various resources that allow users to do their own analysis, mapping, and visualization of data on-line, without having to use statistical or GIS software applications. For more advanced users, the sites provide additional functionality to extract and download data for such uses.

Elections in Western Europe since 1815 (Emory Patrons Only)--This site is an excellent source of data on electoral results by constituency in most Western European countries, with the data available for download in various formats. The site contains significant information on electoral reform, electoral laws, and political parties in each country.

ICPSR - Analyze Data Online (Emory Patrons Only)--The ICPSR has several hundred of the studies in its archive accessible via a web interface that allows users to perform various types of analyses, from frequency distributions and crosstabulations to basic regression analysis and logit analysis. The ICPSR has tutorial videos for using this interface available at its YouTube channel. The interface makes use of UC-Berkeley's Survey Documentation and Analysis software.

RoperExplorer (Emory Patrons Only)--RoperExplorer is an online data analysis system for use by Roper Center member institutions. It allows users "to choose dependent and independent variables and quickly produce frequencies and cross tabulations" from a selection of survey data files in Roper's archive.

SDA Archive (Open Access)--UC-Berkeley's SDA Archive allows users to interact with and analyze data from collections such as the General Social Survey, American National Election Studies, and microdata files from the U.S. Census Bureau.

SimplyMap (Emory Patrons Only)--SimplyMap is a web-based mapping tool that enables you to take data from multiple sources and create professional quality maps and reports. The data are from the U.S. Census, EASI Analytics, and Mediamark MRI. EASI includes demographics, retail sales, quality of life variables, CPI, employment, consumer expenditures, and life stage clusters.MRI includes all product and media categories. Please note that while the data are available at small levels of geography (e.g. Census tracts), the data at those levels of geography are often "synthetic" and are estimated at such levels from data that are collected at higher levels of geography. Go here for a quick guide to SimplyMap. SimplyMap is also availabe via Databases at Emory.

Weave Atlanta Indicators Tool (Open Access)--This site provides an online data visualization tool created by the Open Indicators Consortium which is an international consortium dedicated to improving access to data about communities and regions. The Consortium has developed and is evolving a web-based software platform for the analysis and visualization of data, including for example economic, social and environmental indicators, at the neighborhood, municipal, county, regional, national and international levels. Open Indicators Consortium

Snapshot of Atlanta --is an online data visualization tool created by ESRI which provides a snapshot of Atlanta in terms of median household income, population change, population density, median home value, unemployment rate, average household size, and median age.

US Census 2010: Apportionment Data -- The Census Bureau's interactive map widget enables users to view 10 decades of apportionment history, current apportionment totals and our country's changing population through the past century. Apportionment is the process of dividing the 435 seats in the House of Representatives among the 50 states. Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are not included.