The Electronic Data Center was created in 1996 to support faculty and students at Emory University whose research and instruction make use of numeric and/or spatial data. We assist researchers and instructors with locating and accessing data, and with managing and preparing those data for analysis.

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Research on Early Life and Aging Trends and Effects (RELATE): A Cross-National Study

The ICPSR recently released data from the RELATE study, which " compiles cross-national data that contain information that can be used to examine the effects of early life conditions on older adult health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, functionality, mortality, and self-reported health." The data are drawn from various collections, such as the Survey on Health, Well-Being, and Aging in Latin America and the Caribbean, the

Global Digital Activism Data Set

The ICPSR has just released the Global Digital Activism Dataset. To quote the ICPSR's description, the data consist of "coded cases of online digital activism from 151 countries and dependent territories. Several features from each case of digital activism were documented, including the year and month that online action commenced, the estimated age and country of origin of the initiator(s), the geographic scope of their campaign, and whether the action was online only, or also featured offline activities."

Updated Monthly Data on Political Risk

The Data Center recently acquired monthly data on "political risk" from the Political Risk Services Group. The data cover over 140 countries from 1984-2012. Variables include measures of government stability, socioeconomic conditions, internal and external conflict, corruption, "Law and Order" (no, not the television series), and ethnic tensions. According to the PRS Group, such variables are all sources of "political risk" to the profitability of investments.

Announcing the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship


Begining June 1, 2013 DiSC will merge with three other units to form the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

ECIT: Emory Center for Interactive Teaching
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Medicare Provider Charge Data Now Publicly Available

As featured in the New York Times, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released Medicare provider charge data for FY2011. To quote CMS, the data include "hospital-specific charges for the more than 3,000 U.S.

Distracted Driving Laws Dataset

New at the ICPSR - the "Public Health Law Research Distracted Driving Laws Dataset, 2000-2011." To quote the ICPSR, "[this] project compiled state and District of Columbia laws regulating the use of mobile communication devices (MCD) by individuals operating motor vehicles and coded some of the laws' features in a data file. The data file contains information about prohibitions against talking or texting on a MCD for different groups of drivers," e.g.

Religion in Population Censuses

While the U.S. Census Bureau does not collect data on religious practices, many other countries do gather such data in censuses (hence this melancholy tale of the declining population of Jedi Knights in the United Kingdom). One source for such data is IPUMS International.

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